PABL players’ scoring feats (1987 season, Part 2)

12 Nov

Alvin Patrimonio, who was voted by the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) as their Most Outstanding amateur player of the year at that time, are tied with Antonio dela Cerna for the fifth highest single-game output with 41 points. Patrimonio played for YCO Shinemasters in the first two conferences until the Elizalde ballclub disbanded and transferred to RFM-Swifts beginning the Maharlika Cup. He scored 32 points in YCO’s 106-108 loss to Swift in Game two of the International Invitational Cup finals on April 4, which saw the Hotdogs won their first PABL title. In the Freedom Cup,  Patrimonio’s outputs were 37 points in YCO’s 77-76 win over Magnolia on May 18; 30 points in YCO’s 100-111 loss to Miescor on May 30; 33 points in YCO’s 93-100 loss to Magnolia on June 28; 36 points in YCO’s 93-86 win over Miescor on June 29; 39 points in YCO’s 101-88 win over Swifts on July 2; and 31 points in YCO’s 105-101 win over Swift in Game two of the Freedom Cup finals on July 8.


Donning the Swift Hotdogs’ jersey, Patrimonio’s best performances were in the final two games of the season, scoring 41 points in Swift’s 95-107 loss to Magnolia in Game three of the Maharlika Cup finals on December 16, and two nights later on December 18, he scored 30 points in the hotdogs’ 105-108 Game four loss to eventual champion Magnolia Ice Cream.

Renato Agustin of RFM-Swifts was sixth overall, the 5-11 shooting guard scored 32 points in Swift’s 95-92 win over Sta.Lucia on March 17; 30 points in Swift’s 127-108 win over the visiting Clark All-Stars on March 27; 38 points in Swift’s 97-96 win over Mama’s Love on May 30; 31 points in Swift’s 96-100 loss to Miescor on June 15; 32 points in Swift’s 112-115 loss to Magnolia on June 17; 30 points in Swift’s 103-93 win over YCO on June 20; and while playing for PABL-Rebisco in the special tournament called Philippine Cup, Ato scored 35 points in an 87-110 loss to Egypt in Game two of their series for third place on August 9. In the Maharlika Cup,  Agustin had his highest point production with 39 points in Swift’s 102-90 win over Miescor on October 19; and 30 points in Swift’s 104-89 win over Lhuillier on October 24.

The rest of the PABL players who scored 30 or more points in a single game during the 1987 season.

Joshua Villapando (Miescor), 35 points in Miescor’ 107-112 OT loss to Philips on May 29; 36 points in Miescor’ 97-101 loss to Magnolia in Game two of series for third place on July 8; and 33 points, while playing this time for Sta.Lucia in the Realtors’ 98-86 win over Swifts on November 7.

Nelson Asaytono (Magnolia), 34 points in Magnolia’s 113-106 win over Lhuillier-Converse on March 16; 30 points in Magnolia’s 89-94 loss to Miescor on June 26; and 34 points in Magnolia’s 102-104 loss to Miescor in Game three of series for third place on July 10.

Benjie Paras (Philips), 33 points in Philips’ 114-119 loss to Lhuillier in Game one of series for third place on December 11; and 31 points in Game four, a Philips’ 92-94 loss to Lhuillier on December 18.

Glenn Capacio (YCO), 30 points in YCO’ 93-88 win over Sta.Lucia on June 1; and 34 points in YCO’s 93-100 loss to Magnolia on June 28.

Edgar Tanuan (Miescor), 32 points in Miescor’ 107-112 OT loss to Philips on May 29; and 30 points in Miescor’ 100-96 win over Swift on June 15.

Alex Regis (Purefoods), who played for RFM-Swifts in the first two conferences, scored 35 points in Purefoods’ 99-102 loss to Miescor on October 21.

Andy de Guzman (Miescor), 34 points in Miescor’ 91-93 loss to Purefoods on November 25.

Jojo Martin (Sta.Lucia), 33 points in Sta.Lucia’ 109-112 OT loss to Lhuillier-Converse on March 12.

Roehl Gomez (Purefoods), 33 points in Purefoods’ 111-102 win over Miescor on November 11.

Aristotle Franco (Philips), 31 points in Philips’ 72-77 loss to Miescor on November 27.

Carlito Mejos (Mama’s Love), 30 points in Mama’s Love’ 96-97 loss to Swifts on May 30.

Rey Yncierto (Purefoods), 30 points in Purefoods’ 89-93 loss to Sta.Lucia on June 8.

Jerry Codinera (Magnolia), 30 points in Magnolia’s 90-86 win over Miescor on July 2.


Among the foreign players who saw action in the 1987 PABL season, Lee Chung Hee of South Korea shot 66 points in Hyundai’s 110-111 loss to Philips on March 23, Lee scored 52 points in their 106-89 win over YCO on March 30; 48 points in Hyundai’s 126-82 rout over Purefoods; 39 points against Clark All-Stars, a 96-66 win on March 25; and 37 points in Hyundai’s 89-93 loss to Golden Dragon of Taiwan on March 27.

Source: Manila Standard newspaper

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