PABL players’ scoring feats (1987 season, Part 1)

12 Nov

What were the individual scoring and the highest total output of our amateur cagers in a single game during the 1987 Philippine Amateur Basketball League (PABL) season.

The highest points was recorded by Ronnie Magsanoc, while playing for Philips Sardines in the Maharlika Cup. Magsanoc previously played for YCO Shinemasters in the first two conferences and was part of YCO’s Freedom Cup conquest.  On the opening game of the PABL Maharlika Cup on October 10, 1987, Magsanoc scored 51 points in Philips’ 93-102 loss to RFM-Swifts, which had acquired his former teammates Alvin Patrimonio, Glenn Capacio and Loreto Manaog at YCO.

The other total outputs by the 5-9 point guard and national team mainstay were 34 points in Philips 100-85 win over Magnolia on October 16; 40 points in Philips’ 89-103 loss to Purefoods on October 24; 45 points in Philips’ 98-93 win over Magnolia on October 30; 30 points in Philips’ 107-109 loss to Sta.Lucia on November 4; and 36 points in Philips’ 89-93 loss to RFM-Swifts on December 7.

The third highest total (after the 51 and 45 points made by Magsanoc) was 43 points, registered by Elmer Cabahug while playing for RFM-Swifts. Cabahug scored 43 in the Hotdogs’ 88-82 win against Sta.Lucia on June 19. He had two other 30-plus performances with Swift, scoring 30 points in their 111-105 win over Magnolia on June 27, and 32 points in Game two of the Freedom Cup finals on July 8 against YCO Shinemasters wherein the Hotdogs lost, 101-105. Cabahug transferred to Lhuillier to teamed up with Jojo Lastimosa starting the Maharlika Cup. Cabahug’s high outputs with the Jewelers were 33 points in Lhuillier’s 109-103 win over Purefoods on October 23; and 37 points in Lhuillier ‘s 119-114 win over Philips in Game one of their series for 3rd place on December 11.

The fourth highest total belongs to Jojo Lastimosa, who’s single-game high of 42 points was made twice while playing for Lhuillier-Converse. Jolas had the most number of individual scoring-highs for the 1987 PABL season, he scored 39 points in Lhuillier’s 101-102 loss to YCO on March 7; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 112-109 OT win over Sta.Lucia on March 12; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 87-85 win over Lady’s Choice on March 13; 42 points in Lhuillier’s 106-113 loss to Magnolia on March 16; and 30 points in Lhuillier’s 95-92 win over Purefoods on March 17.

Lastimosa was borrowed by RFM-Swifts during the International Invitational Cup semifinals, he scored 32 points in Swift’s 95-103 loss to YCO on March 28. Returning to the Jewelers in the Freedom Cup, Jolas’ outputs were 39 points in Lhuillier’s 107-100 OT win over YCO on May 23; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 91-84 win over Philips on June 1; 42 points in Lhuillier’s 95-112 loss to YCO on June 15; and 35 points in Lhuillier’s 91-99 loss to Sta.Lucia on June 20.


In the Maharlika Cup, Lastimosa continue to put in big numbers, he scored 35 points in Lhuillier’s 115-109 win over Swifts on October 16; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 108-98 win over Philips on November 6; and 31 points in Lhuillier’s 94-92 win over Philips in Game four of their series for third place on December 18.

Tied at fourth with Jojo Lastimosa in the highest scoring output is Antonio dela Cerna of Sta.Lucia Realtors, dela Cerna scored 42 points in the Realtors’ 98-93 win over Miescor Builders on November 23; and 30 points in Sta.Lucia’s 75-91 loss to Philips on October 21. Earlier in the Freedom Cup, dela Cerna scored a tournament high 41 points in the Realtors’ 125-126 overtime loss to Swifts on May 23.

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