1988 Purefoods Hotdogs vs Ginebra San Miguel (Part 3)

04 Nov

Some more scenes I remember in the Ginebra-Purefoods encounter during the 1988 PBA Open Conference

The near-fight between Ginebra’s Chito Loyzaga and Purefoods rookie Jerry Codinera somewhere in the first half of their first match-up, the fans’ attention were on Loyzaga’s teammate and Jerry’s older brother Harmon Codinera, who was also on that play when the incident happen.

Purefoods playing-coach Ramon Fernandez keeps complaining and slamming a table near the officials in one non-call by the referees, and in the photo below the intensity of the game had Fernandez collide with Chito Loyzaga and turn upside-down, luckily Chito was able to hold on to his head.


The tense-filled atmosphere and rivalry between these two teams got the best on their imports, David Thirdkill of Purefoods and Jamie Waller of Ginebra, Thirdkill at times, tried to do everything on his own when often jeered and provoked with boos from the Ginebra fans, Waller’s intensity in the game was just unparalled and unequalled.

Ginebra San Miguel change its name to Anejo Rum 65 the following conference and won the All-Filipino title against Purefoods, but it will take three more years in the 1991 PBA season when the brand name of Purefoods Hotdogs and Ginebra San Miguel, different jersey logos this time will meet again on the hardcourt.

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