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1980’s PBA rivalry: Top 5 wins by Purefoods over Anejo

In the top five wins by Purefoods over Anejo Rum 65, I pick all four during their first season in 1988, excluding Game two of the All-Filipino finals. The following year, the Hotdogs had dominated their rivals during the first two conferences, winning four of their first five meetings with Anejo’s only win, a one-point victory, 112-111 on June 22, in their early clash in the All-Filipino Conference. Anejo scored a 134-123 victory over Purefoods in a no-bearing contest on August 17, 1989, with the Hotdogs and the San Miguel Beermen already in the finals, that game may well be the least attended and less significant match in the Purefoods-Anejo two-year rivalry in the late 1980s.

1. August 18, 1988, All-Filipino Conference, 1st round of the semifinals

Both teams are at first and second place in the team standings, Purefoods was 10-5, scoring two wins in the semifinals but lost to Great Taste in their last game in which the Milkmasters played without the suspended Allan Caidic, Anejo Rum also scored two victories and at 9-5, a win by the 65ers will give them solo leadership. It was a see-saw battle as the scoring by periods says it all, 30-18 for Purefoods in the 1st quarter, 50-48 for Anejo in the 2nd, and 86-77 for Purefoods in the 3rd. In the fourth quarter, the 65ers went up by eight, 100-92, on Dondon Ampalayo’s triple, the hotdogs answered with a 10-2 barrage to level the count at 102-all, back-to-back baskets by Chito Loyzaga and Leo Isaac gave Anejo a 106-102 lead with 58 seconds remaining, Purefoods sued for time and in the hotdogs’ inbound play, Al Solis buried a three-point shot with only seven seconds elapse to push the hotdogs to within 105-106, time down to 51 seconds. Purefoods fans were anticipating a meltdown on Anejo’s next play and true enough, the hotdogs scored the last four points on four free throws by Alvin Patrimonio inside 18 seconds, both from a foul by Anejo playing coach Sonny Jaworski, the 65ers missed their final offensive play as Purefoods completed an amazing 7-0 run in a 109-106 victory.

Image (7)

The TV ratings in the Purefoods-Anejo semifinal game on August 18 soared to a phenomenal high, those were the days when basketball was the favorite pastime of every filipinos.

2. July 12, 1988, All-Filipino Conference, 1st round of eliminations

Their first meeting in the All-Filipino Conference, Purefoods’ prized rookie Alvin Patrimonio was playing only his fourth game in the pro league, another significance in this match is Purefoods assistant coach Cris Calilan, who will debut as their new mentor when Ramon Fernandez decided to gave up his coaching duties to concentrate on his playing chores. As in their four previous encounters during the Open Conference, Anejo, then Ginebra, dominated the first half of action. In this match, the 65ers led by 18 points at halftime, 61-43, highlighted by Jaworski’s behind-the-back pass on Chito Loyzaga, who converted a buzzer-beating triple. Anejo led by as much as 19 points in the third quarter, 73-54, but the hotdogs came back strongly and were trailing by only eight, 75-83, going into the final quarter. Jojo Lastimosa broke the last deadlock at 106-all when he completed a three-point play off a foul from Jaworski with 1:19 to go, which spark a 7-2 Purefoods run for a 113-108 edge, Anejo still has a chance on a goal-tending call with 23 seconds remaining but a split free throw from the hotdogs put the icing of the game, 114-110, as the 65ers missed their final three-point attempt.

3. May 22, 1988, Open Conference, 2nd round of the semifinals

Interestingly, Purefoods and Anejo had three overtime games in the hotdogs’ first season and it all happened during their last match in each of the three conferences. Anejo won the last two which is Game four of the All-Filipino finals and their last encounter in the 1988 season on October 30.

The third-best Purefoods victory was the closest winning margin and the only overtime win over Ginebra in their maiden year. The 111-109 OT victory sent the hotdogs to the Open Conference finals against San Miguel Beer.

4. April 5, 1988, Open Conference, 1st round of eliminations

The first-ever clash will always be in the top five, the hotdogs carved out a 116-110 win after being down by 13 points in the first half. This was their third straight victory in four games into the elimination round after an opening day loss. Ginebra fell to its second defeat in three games.

5. April 4, 1989, Open Conference, 2nd round of eliminations

The only Purefoods win over Anejo in my list that I choose in the hotdogs’ second season in the league. This was the largest winning margin (16 points) by any of these two rivals in 25 meetings from 1988-1989.

The two teams were down at the cellar, Purefoods has two wins and five losses while Anejo has only one win to show in seven outings and in danger of missing the semifinals, they have lost five in a row and has yet to win a ballgame since their import Darren Queenan arrived. This game is best remembered for the incident involving the Big J and Jolas at some point in the final quarter. In a slow-mo replay, it appeared Jojo Lastimosa might have tripped the Anejo playing coach, causing him to fall down and during the inbound play, the Big J sneaked in a punch on Lastimosa that was uncalled for, the punching foul committed by Jaworski earned him a suspension in Anejo’s next game. The hotdogs played well with Pido Jarencio providing the needed baskets coming off the bench in a 131-115 victory that put the 65ers on a brink of elimination.

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1980’s PBA rivalry: Top 5 wins by Anejo over Purefoods

What are the top five wins against each other between these two PBA rivals; Anejo Rum 65 (formerly Ginebra San Miguel) and Purefoods Hotdogs, during their great rivalry in the last two seasons of the 1980s era. In 1988, Ginebra/Anejo won nine of their 14 meetings with Purefoods, excluding the All-Filipino final playoffs, the Rum Masters won six as against four for the Hotdogs. The following year in 1989, Purefoods has the edge, six to five. So the count would be 11-10 for Anejo Rum (14 to 11 overall for Anejo).

Now I’ll talk about the five best wins by Anejo over Purefoods and as stated, I won’t include the 1988 All-Filipino finals where the 65ers prevailed, 3 games to 1, since its no-brainer the title-clinching Game four victory would easily top the list and the third game of the title playoffs will make it as well in the top five. Also, I’ll discuss Purefoods’ five best wins over Anejo too in their first two seasons in the PBA.

1. November 21, 1989, Reinforced Conference, 2nd round of the semifinals

Having seen so many incredible comebacks by Ginebra San Miguel from the time when the Big J first became the team’s playing-coach in 1985, this semifinal game has to be in the top 20 of all-time that truly characterized the never-say-die spirit of the team, Anejo Rum needs to win their last two assignments to keep their finals hopes alive and avail the 5-of-8 semis incentive, the 65ers survived their previous game against Alaska in overtime and carrying an 8-8 won-loss slate. Purefoods was 10-6 and a victory will arrange another title-clash with Grandslam-seeking San Miguel Beermen.

The 65ers were down by 13 points in the fourth quarter and with 21 seconds left in the game, the hotdogs still up, 134-130, on Alvin Patrimonio’s short stab, the Rum Masters refuses to give up and after a timeout and quick two points, import Carlos Briggs played the hero’s role when he stole the ball from Dindo Pumaren with 18 seconds to go and completed a three-point play off a foul by Jojo Lastimosa, Briggs, who scored 75 points, converted his gift shot with 8 seconds remaining to cap a stirring comeback as Dexter Shouse and Dindo Pumaren missed on their hurried attempt as time expired in a dramatic 135-134 victory for Jaworski’s charges. After this game, Purefoods import Dexter Shouse deserted his ballclub and was banned permanently by the league.


Even the Big J said it here in his weekly column “T’was a game to remember, I myself would not forget how we beat Purefoods.”

2. November 26, 1989, Reinforced Conference, Sudden-death playoff for the right to face San Miguel Beer in the finals

The last three years of the 1980s era had Anejo or Ginebra figured in three memorable playoff matches for the second finals berth. In 1987 Third Conference, they lost to Hills Bros (formerly Alaska), In 1988 All-Filipino Conference, they beat San Miguel on Romulo Mamaril’s buzzer-beater which Jaworski described as “God’s play”. In this playoff game, almost everyone concedes that Anejo is going to win, what with Purefoods playing without an import, but the hotdogs fought gallantly in losing to Anejo again by one point. Dante Gonzalgo converted his two free throws off a foul to give the 65ers a one-point lead. Dindo Pumaren missed a 16-footer from the top of the key on the hotdogs’ last offensive with four seconds to go, allowing the 65ers to escape in a 113-112 victory.

Image (5)

Aftermath of the Anejo-Purefoods KO game, their last match in the 1980s decade had fans from both teams got into a fight among themselves.

Image (4)

This is what endeared the never-say-die team of playing coach Sonny Jaworski to the masses, their games were a thriller with blood, guts and glory.

Image (3)

My memory on this photo file of the Captain and the Big J happen during the crucial stages of their sudden-death playoff, after Patrimonio missed an easy layup, he was so upset and Jaworski went to him to say some words of wisdom or piece of advice. In the article above, the one that played big for the hotdogs in this game was rookie point guard Dindo Pumaren.

3. April 24, 1988, Open Conference, 2nd round of eliminations

The PBA’s most popular ballclub was still known as Ginebra San Miguel in number three on my list. As previously been discussed, the Ginebras got back at their first round tormentors with the living legend Sonny Jaworski providing the best plays to pull Ginebra out of trouble whenever the Hotdogs launch a comeback. Before their match, the hotdogs were coming off an unimpressive, come-from-behind win over Great Taste and were upset by winless Shell Helix before that. On the other hand, Ginebra was riding high on a four-game roll.

4. October 24, 1989, Reinforced Conference, 2nd round of eliminations

Anejo was on a three-game winning streak and with a 4-3 won-loss card, Purefoods was on top of the standings at six wins and one loss. Two nights before, Carlos Briggs scored 70 points in Anejo’s 143-137 win over Shell and was taunting Dexter Shouse that night, who was sitting near the commissioner’s row. Anejo led 36-24 late in the first quarter but the hotdogs answered with a 13-0 blast to take the upperhand, 37-36, after 12 minutes of play. Purefoods went up by 10 points at halftime, 78-68. In the third quarter, the 65ers battled back and grab the lead, 113-112.

Going into the final period, it was very close until the last two minutes of the game when Purefoods just lost its composure on the referees’ call and the game ended on Carlos Briggs’ two-handed slam for a final 150-137 count for Anejo. Briggs hit 9 three-point shots in this game and finished with 64 points while his counterpart Dexter Shouse tallied 50 points.

Image (2)

I recall Purefoods coach Baby Dalupan was furious after the game pinpointing at the referees and as he said it here, he blamed the faulty officiating.

5. October 30, 1988, Reinforced Conference, 2nd round of eliminations

My fifth choice, also in the second round of eliminations of the third conference a year before, was as exciting game as number 4 in the list, never mind import Joe Ward’s antics and over-acting, kneeling and praying before and after the game. The first meeting in the third conference between the two ballclubs saw Billy Ray Bates won his final PBA game as the hotdogs played with only one import. In this halloween treat, Anejo was on a two-game win streak at 3-5 while Purefoods were 1-6. The 65ers’ imports were Joe Ward and Tommy Davis and the hotdogs’ imports were Perry Young and Kenny Travis, who led the hotdogs to their first victory against Alaska last October 23. In a classic overtime thriller, Anejo won 157-150, and the 65ers not only ended Purefoods’ great run in their first season but also newly-acquired center Abet Guidaben’s hopes of winning back-to-back MVPs. Anejo seemingly had the game wrapped up in regulation, leading 143-139 in the dying seconds but Al Solis connected a clutch triple to trimmed the lead to one and Jerry Codinera’s two free throws tied the count at 144-all, the hotdogs had the final possesion in the last seven seconds but Al Solis muffed his three-point attempt, forcing extension.


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PABL players’ scoring feats (1987 season, Part 2)

Alvin Patrimonio, who was voted by the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) as their Most Outstanding amateur player of the year at that time, are tied with Antonio dela Cerna for the fifth highest single-game output with 41 points. Patrimonio played for YCO Shinemasters in the first two conferences until the Elizalde ballclub disbanded and transferred to RFM-Swifts beginning the Maharlika Cup. He scored 32 points in YCO’s 106-108 loss to Swift in Game two of the International Invitational Cup finals on April 4, which saw the Hotdogs won their first PABL title. In the Freedom Cup,  Patrimonio’s outputs were 37 points in YCO’s 77-76 win over Magnolia on May 18; 30 points in YCO’s 100-111 loss to Miescor on May 30; 33 points in YCO’s 93-100 loss to Magnolia on June 28; 36 points in YCO’s 93-86 win over Miescor on June 29; 39 points in YCO’s 101-88 win over Swifts on July 2; and 31 points in YCO’s 105-101 win over Swift in Game two of the Freedom Cup finals on July 8.


Donning the Swift Hotdogs’ jersey, Patrimonio’s best performances were in the final two games of the season, scoring 41 points in Swift’s 95-107 loss to Magnolia in Game three of the Maharlika Cup finals on December 16, and two nights later on December 18, he scored 30 points in the hotdogs’ 105-108 Game four loss to eventual champion Magnolia Ice Cream.

Renato Agustin of RFM-Swifts was sixth overall, the 5-11 shooting guard scored 32 points in Swift’s 95-92 win over Sta.Lucia on March 17; 30 points in Swift’s 127-108 win over the visiting Clark All-Stars on March 27; 38 points in Swift’s 97-96 win over Mama’s Love on May 30; 31 points in Swift’s 96-100 loss to Miescor on June 15; 32 points in Swift’s 112-115 loss to Magnolia on June 17; 30 points in Swift’s 103-93 win over YCO on June 20; and while playing for PABL-Rebisco in the special tournament called Philippine Cup, Ato scored 35 points in an 87-110 loss to Egypt in Game two of their series for third place on August 9. In the Maharlika Cup,  Agustin had his highest point production with 39 points in Swift’s 102-90 win over Miescor on October 19; and 30 points in Swift’s 104-89 win over Lhuillier on October 24.

The rest of the PABL players who scored 30 or more points in a single game during the 1987 season.

Joshua Villapando (Miescor), 35 points in Miescor’ 107-112 OT loss to Philips on May 29; 36 points in Miescor’ 97-101 loss to Magnolia in Game two of series for third place on July 8; and 33 points, while playing this time for Sta.Lucia in the Realtors’ 98-86 win over Swifts on November 7.

Nelson Asaytono (Magnolia), 34 points in Magnolia’s 113-106 win over Lhuillier-Converse on March 16; 30 points in Magnolia’s 89-94 loss to Miescor on June 26; and 34 points in Magnolia’s 102-104 loss to Miescor in Game three of series for third place on July 10.

Benjie Paras (Philips), 33 points in Philips’ 114-119 loss to Lhuillier in Game one of series for third place on December 11; and 31 points in Game four, a Philips’ 92-94 loss to Lhuillier on December 18.

Glenn Capacio (YCO), 30 points in YCO’ 93-88 win over Sta.Lucia on June 1; and 34 points in YCO’s 93-100 loss to Magnolia on June 28.

Edgar Tanuan (Miescor), 32 points in Miescor’ 107-112 OT loss to Philips on May 29; and 30 points in Miescor’ 100-96 win over Swift on June 15.

Alex Regis (Purefoods), who played for RFM-Swifts in the first two conferences, scored 35 points in Purefoods’ 99-102 loss to Miescor on October 21.

Andy de Guzman (Miescor), 34 points in Miescor’ 91-93 loss to Purefoods on November 25.

Jojo Martin (Sta.Lucia), 33 points in Sta.Lucia’ 109-112 OT loss to Lhuillier-Converse on March 12.

Roehl Gomez (Purefoods), 33 points in Purefoods’ 111-102 win over Miescor on November 11.

Aristotle Franco (Philips), 31 points in Philips’ 72-77 loss to Miescor on November 27.

Carlito Mejos (Mama’s Love), 30 points in Mama’s Love’ 96-97 loss to Swifts on May 30.

Rey Yncierto (Purefoods), 30 points in Purefoods’ 89-93 loss to Sta.Lucia on June 8.

Jerry Codinera (Magnolia), 30 points in Magnolia’s 90-86 win over Miescor on July 2.


Among the foreign players who saw action in the 1987 PABL season, Lee Chung Hee of South Korea shot 66 points in Hyundai’s 110-111 loss to Philips on March 23, Lee scored 52 points in their 106-89 win over YCO on March 30; 48 points in Hyundai’s 126-82 rout over Purefoods; 39 points against Clark All-Stars, a 96-66 win on March 25; and 37 points in Hyundai’s 89-93 loss to Golden Dragon of Taiwan on March 27.

Source: Manila Standard newspaper

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PABL players’ scoring feats (1987 season, Part 1)

What were the individual scoring and the highest total output of our amateur cagers in a single game during the 1987 Philippine Amateur Basketball League (PABL) season.

The highest points was recorded by Ronnie Magsanoc, while playing for Philips Sardines in the Maharlika Cup. Magsanoc previously played for YCO Shinemasters in the first two conferences and was part of YCO’s Freedom Cup conquest.  On the opening game of the PABL Maharlika Cup on October 10, 1987, Magsanoc scored 51 points in Philips’ 93-102 loss to RFM-Swifts, which had acquired his former teammates Alvin Patrimonio, Glenn Capacio and Loreto Manaog at YCO.

The other total outputs by the 5-9 point guard and national team mainstay were 34 points in Philips 100-85 win over Magnolia on October 16; 40 points in Philips’ 89-103 loss to Purefoods on October 24; 45 points in Philips’ 98-93 win over Magnolia on October 30; 30 points in Philips’ 107-109 loss to Sta.Lucia on November 4; and 36 points in Philips’ 89-93 loss to RFM-Swifts on December 7.

The third highest total (after the 51 and 45 points made by Magsanoc) was 43 points, registered by Elmer Cabahug while playing for RFM-Swifts. Cabahug scored 43 in the Hotdogs’ 88-82 win against Sta.Lucia on June 19. He had two other 30-plus performances with Swift, scoring 30 points in their 111-105 win over Magnolia on June 27, and 32 points in Game two of the Freedom Cup finals on July 8 against YCO Shinemasters wherein the Hotdogs lost, 101-105. Cabahug transferred to Lhuillier to teamed up with Jojo Lastimosa starting the Maharlika Cup. Cabahug’s high outputs with the Jewelers were 33 points in Lhuillier’s 109-103 win over Purefoods on October 23; and 37 points in Lhuillier ‘s 119-114 win over Philips in Game one of their series for 3rd place on December 11.

The fourth highest total belongs to Jojo Lastimosa, who’s single-game high of 42 points was made twice while playing for Lhuillier-Converse. Jolas had the most number of individual scoring-highs for the 1987 PABL season, he scored 39 points in Lhuillier’s 101-102 loss to YCO on March 7; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 112-109 OT win over Sta.Lucia on March 12; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 87-85 win over Lady’s Choice on March 13; 42 points in Lhuillier’s 106-113 loss to Magnolia on March 16; and 30 points in Lhuillier’s 95-92 win over Purefoods on March 17.

Lastimosa was borrowed by RFM-Swifts during the International Invitational Cup semifinals, he scored 32 points in Swift’s 95-103 loss to YCO on March 28. Returning to the Jewelers in the Freedom Cup, Jolas’ outputs were 39 points in Lhuillier’s 107-100 OT win over YCO on May 23; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 91-84 win over Philips on June 1; 42 points in Lhuillier’s 95-112 loss to YCO on June 15; and 35 points in Lhuillier’s 91-99 loss to Sta.Lucia on June 20.


In the Maharlika Cup, Lastimosa continue to put in big numbers, he scored 35 points in Lhuillier’s 115-109 win over Swifts on October 16; 33 points in Lhuillier’s 108-98 win over Philips on November 6; and 31 points in Lhuillier’s 94-92 win over Philips in Game four of their series for third place on December 18.

Tied at fourth with Jojo Lastimosa in the highest scoring output is Antonio dela Cerna of Sta.Lucia Realtors, dela Cerna scored 42 points in the Realtors’ 98-93 win over Miescor Builders on November 23; and 30 points in Sta.Lucia’s 75-91 loss to Philips on October 21. Earlier in the Freedom Cup, dela Cerna scored a tournament high 41 points in the Realtors’ 125-126 overtime loss to Swifts on May 23.

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1988 Purefoods Hotdogs vs Ginebra San Miguel (Part 2)

Their third confrontation was at the end of the first round of the semifinals on May 10. Purefoods was 3-0 in the semifinals and carrying a 9-4 won-loss card, Ginebra was coming off two losses and at 7-6. This time, we watch it on TV and didn’t went to the ULTRA to see the game live, the Hotdogs did well only in the first quarter which Ginebra took, 32-26. The Gins erected a 15-point lead at the half at 64-49. The Hotdogs had a brief run in the third quarter, cutting the lead to four, there were some exchange of words between Ginebra playing coach Robert Jaworski and Purefoods import David Thirdkill and in one action sequence where Thirdkill missed an easy layup, Jaworski on the other side of the court shows Thirdkill how to do it by scoring his own layup. It was Ginebra all the way from a 92-82 tally at the end of the third period, they got their biggest lead of 22 points at 109-87, the Hotdogs managed to close the gap to seven, 113-120, in the final minute of a won ballgame by Ginebra. The Big J is now 2-1 over El Presidente, following a 124-115 Ginebra victory.



Photo images from the third meeting between Ginebra and Purefoods

Their fourth and final battle was in the last semifinals playing date on May 22. Purefoods with 11 wins and six losses are one win away from challenging San Miguel Beer for the Open Conference crown, the beermen enter the finals three nights before. Ginebra with 10 wins and seven losses, must beat the Hotdogs to force a do-or-die, sudden death playoff. Unlike in their first two games in the eliminations, we had a better view this time sitting in the lower level seats. Fans at the venue were earlier treated to a no-bearing first game between two ousted teams, Alaska and Great Taste, won by the Milkmen, 152-129.

The last match between the two rivals turn out to be closest game in four meetings. Ginebra led by three points in the first three quarters, 36-33, 60-57 and 85-82. In the fourth period, Purefoods were in danger of being forced into a knockout game as they were down by six, 86-92, the Hotdogs responded with an 8-1 run to take the lead, 94-93, a triple by Leo Isaac gave Ginebra a four-point edge, 100-96, going into the last five minutes. The Hotdogs were so close in losing the match in regulation, trailing 102-104 in the last minute and with several turnovers, luckily for them, a steal and a basket tied the count at 104-all, the Hotdogs got another steal with time winding down on Ginebra’s final possession and David Thirdkill missed a hurried three-pointer as the game went into overtime.

Ginebra last tasted the lead at 107-106 and with the score 111-109 in Purefoods favor after Thirdkill split his free throws, the Ginebras called a timeout to design one final play, the Ginebras wasted so much time on the clock and Jamie Waller missed his game-tying basket at close range, Purefoods playing-coach Ramon Fernandez ran towards the centercourt in jubilation as the Hotdogs enter the finals in their very first conference in the PBA. Some fans at the gallery section pelted the court with plastic cups and threw sorts of debris at the post-game, although not as worse as to what happened in the Hills Bros-Ginebra playoff last year.


Ramon Fernandez aims for history as he raises his arms after Purefoods beat Ginebra in overtime to enter the finals.

The tense-filled atmosphere and rivalry between these two teams got the best on their imports, David Thirdkill of Purefoods and Jamie Waller of Ginebra. Thirdkill at times, tried to do everything on his own when often jeered and provoked with boos from the Ginebra fans, while Waller’s intensity in the game was just unparalled and unequalled.


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1988 Purefoods Hotdogs vs Ginebra San Miguel (Part 1)

It was April 5th, 1988, school year has just ended and its already summer vacation, I was only 13 years old when I was fortunate enough to witness a basketball rivalry between the newest toast in Philippine basketball, the Purefoods Hotdogs, composed of the core of the disbanded Tanduay Rhum Makers with glamour rookies Jojo Lastimosa and Jerry Codinera, and crowd-favorite Ginebra San Miguel. Two weeks before, the PBA opens shop on March 20 and it was the first time I was able to watch a PBA game live at the ULTRA. During the opening ceremonies when the late Joe Cantada introduces the newcomer Purefoods Hotdogs, there were lots of cheers and boos as well from the Ginebra fans in the Gallery section and basketball fans just can’t wait for the much-awaited showdown between these two teams.

The PBA was coming off a Holy Week break and there was no scheduled game on Easter Sunday (April 3) at that time, so it was Tuesday, April 5, we came in midway in the first game between last year’s finals protagonists San Miguel Beer and Alaska Milk, the appetizer before the main game was as exciting with San Miguel winning by four points. I was able to witness three of four battles between Ginebra and Purefoods live during the 1988 PBA Open Conference and i’ve never seen a game so highly-anticipated by basketball fans as when these two teams met for the first time.

With a jampacked crowd on hand and hardly any more space to fill inside the ULTRA venue, there are several misses on both teams in the first two minutes of the game and it was deafening inside the venue, chairs rocking as we were sitting in the courtside seats. The first point of the night was a split free throw from Ginebra import Jamie Waller, then Purefoods import David Thirdkill scored the first basket on a short pass inside the paint. At the end of the first quarter, the Hotdogs were up by a point, 26-25. The second quarter was still close until Ginebra took command and led by 13 points at the half, 56-43.


Early in the third quarter, the Ginebras got their biggest lead of 16 points, 60-44, sensing urgency, the Hotdogs came through with a big, third quarter run and suddenly, Purefoods was on top, 78-71, the Gins rallied to tie the count at 82-all until JB Yango of Purefoods scored just before the final horn sounded ending the third period, 84-82 for Purefoods. I can’t exactly recall what transpired when play was halted early in the fourth quarter, Ginebra up, 92-90, and the Ginebra fans chanting Gi-ne-bra!, Gi-ne-bra!, when the game resumes, the Hotdogs turn the tide in their favor, leading by 10 points, 111-101, as the match was down to the final three minutes, the last nine points of Ginebra came from either a three-point play, a free throw and a follow up conversion as they attempt to stop the clock and putting the players from the opposing team on the free throw line on penalty situation, the final score was 116-110 for Purefoods. The Hotdogs playing coach Ramon Fernandez was chosen best player of the night and Purefoods fans went home happy.


As I revised some of my earlier write-up when I found this article, the incident im referring when play was halted in the fourth period was the short fight between Chito Loyzaga and Jerry Codinera and Thirdkill kicking at Joey Loyzaga. I only realize now that Chito and Jerry were actually thrown out of the game. The contents in my earlier postings says Loyzaga and Codinera had a near-fight during the first half.

The second meeting between these two titans happened on April 24, we were there again, the whole family at the ULTRA to be part of yet another unforgetable basketball game. Noticeable before a sell-out crowd was the two Purefoods bands on opposite sides near the main Ginebra gallery where the loudest and craziest, die-hard Ginebra fans cheered the most, the Ginebra Super Angels had their dance number before the Ginebra players enter the playing court.

Ginebra started out fast, taking a 7-0 lead early and by the end of the first quarter, they were up by 14 points, 38-24. There was a scene I remember in the second quarter when Purefoods playing-coach Ramon Fernandez keeps complaining and slam a table near the officials in one non-call by the referees. The Hotdogs battled back in the second period and were trailing by six points at halftime with Glenn Capacio converting a basket just before the end of the first 24 minutes of play to make it 65-59 in favor of Ginebra. Third quarter action had the Gins answered every uprising by the Hotdogs, a buzzer-beating tip-in by Ed Ducut? gave Ginebra a 103-92 lead after three quarters.


In this photo, the intensity of the game had Fernandez collide with Chito Loyzaga and turn upside-down, luckily, Chito was able to hold on to his head.

The Ginebras went up by 13 points early in the fourth quarter but Purefoods keeps coming back and threatened for the last time at 119-116, four straight points by Ginebra makes it 123-116. After a Purefoods timeout, David Thirdkill hit a triple to cut the lead to four, 123-119. Ginebra fans keeps chanting Gi-ne-bra! Gi-ne-bra! in the final minute with the ageless Jaworski giving them every reason to cheer when upon stepping outside the line near their goal, he keeps dribbling the ball in an attempt to mocked his opponents with the outcome already beyond doubt for Ginebra, Jojo Lastimosa converted on a trey with one second remaining, the score reads 127-122 for Ginebra, Jamie Waller got the pass from the inbound and threw the ball up high as the buzzer sounded on this memorable night. The living legend, Ginebra playing-coach Sonny Jaworski was chosen best player of the game, he finished with 23 points as the Ginebras ride high on a five-game winning streak and tie San Miguel on top of the standings with six wins and three losses.



An interesting article on the Big J’s incredible performance in leading his team to a victory over Purefoods, written by Lily Ramos on Sports Flash issue dated April 28-May 4, 1988, it was the third straight game the 42-years old Jaworski was chosen best player of the night. 

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