1978 PBA All-Filipino Conference Game Results

24 Oct

The 1978 PBA First Conference, the All-Filipino, opened on April 16, 1978, through research with most of the dates have yet to be determined, here are some of the incomplete game results in the first and second rounds of the eliminations.

First Round

Crispa – lost their first game to U-Tex, 93-104, on opening night on April 16, their first win was against Royal Tru-Orange, 133-114, the Redmanizers beat Filmanbank, 122-105. In Cebu City on May 5 and 7, they won against Tanduay, 119-102, and Great Taste, 139-116. In their much-awaited encounter with unbeaten Toyota Tamaraws on May 18, Crispa prevailed by 13 points, 123-110.

Toyota – the Tamaraws’ victories in the first round were against Tanduay, 127-120, in the first game of the season on April 16, they rout U-Tex, 144-110, beat Filmanbank, 139-123, and Honda, 128-118 on May 4.

U-Tex – the Wranglers’ two victories in the first round were against Honda, 102-100, and Filmanbank, 127-112, their losses were to Great Taste, 100-104 in Bacolod on May 5, and Tanduay, 98-100.

Great Taste – the Discoverers ended the first round with a 4-3 win-loss slate, aside from a victory over U-Tex, their three other wins were against Royal Tru-Orange, 109-107, Honda, 117-114, and Filmanbank, 108-97.

Filmanbank – the Bankers started out at 0-5, before winning their final two games in the first round, lost to Royal Tru-Orange, 95-101, in their debut game. In their next outing against Honda on April 20, the new team lost, 103-106, but their match was ordered to be replayed following a protest. Filmanbank finally scored their first-ever franchise win against Tanduay, 103-96, and beat Honda, 97-95 on the replayed game on May 16.

Second Round

Crispa – tied with the Tamaraws on top at 12-2, the Redmanizers’ wins were to U-Tex, 119-109, Great Taste, 142-117, and Tanduay, 129-114 in Iloilo City on June 17.

Toyota – the Tamaraws’ other loss besides Crispa during the first round, were to Tanduay, 128-133 in Davao on June 16. Their victories were against Filmanbank, 133-124 on May 27 at the Rizal Coliseum, Great Taste, 160-138, Honda, 159-129 on June 10, and Crispa, 158-135.

U-Tex – lost again to Tanduay in the second round, 90-95. In a bid to create a tie for the last semifinals berth, the Wranglers beat Royal Tru-Orange, 152-133.

Great Taste – lost all their games in the second round. In succession, the Discoverers were beaten by Tanduay, 109-121, Crispa, 117-142, U-Tex, 112-117 on May 27, Toyota, 138-160, Royal Tru-Orange, 119-129, Filmanbank, 96-130, and Honda.

Filmanbank – repeated over Honda, 112-110, and Tanduay, 99-97.

Honda – lost to Tanduay, 111-130, they won against Royal Tru-Orange, 150-111.

Some of the locals’ single game-highs during the elimination round:

Cisco Oliver – 62 points – Honda 129-159 Toyota

Lim Eng Beng – 45 points – U-Tex 100-104 Great Taste

Cisco Oliver – 40 points – Honda 118-128 Toyota

Ramon Fernandez – 38 points – Toyota 133-124 Filmanbank

Virgilio Cortez – 38 points – Honda 150-111 Royal

Lim Eng Beng – 36 points – U-Tex 117-112 Great Taste

Johnny Revilla – 34 points – Great Taste 108-97 Filmanbank

Fortunato Co – 33 points – Crispa 139-116 Great Taste

Fortunato Co – 33 points – Crispa 142-117 Great Taste

Lim Eng Beng – 32 points – U-Tex 110-144 Toyota

Danny Florencio – 32 points – Toyota 133-124 Filmanbank

Larry Mumar – 32 points – Filmanbank 124-133 Toyota

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