PBA Players Directory from J to O (1975-1981)

25 Jun


Marlowe Jacutin (6-0, F), Pablo Javier (5-11, G), Jaime Javier (6-5, C-F), Robert Jaworski (6-0, G), Woodrow Jaymalin (5-10, G-F), Alfonso Jovero (5-11, G).


Abe King (6-3, C-F), Rudolf Kutch (6-2, C-F).


Angelito Ladores (5-11, F-G), Rodolfo Lalota (6-3, C-F), Reynaldo Lazaro (6-1, F), Eric Leano (5-9, G), Emerito Legaspi (5-11, F-G), Lim Eng Beng (5-11, G), Lucio Lim (5-9), George Lizares (5-10, F), Renato Lobo (6-2, F), Joaquin Loyzaga (6-2, F), Ramon Lucindo (6-2, F).


Pepito Malanay (5-10, G), Ricafort Mallari (5-11, G), Romulo Mamaril (6-6, C), Albert Manalo (6-2, G), Jaime Manansala (6-0, G-F), Efren Manila (5-11, G), Mario Marasigan (5-11, G), Cecilio Marcelino (5-8, G), Rolando Marcelo (5-10, F-G), Jaime Mariano (6-4, F), Ricardo Mariano (6-0, F), Alexander Marquez (5-9, G), Alfonso Marquez (6-1, G), Joey Marquez (6-2, F), Jesusito Martin (6-3, C-F), Monico Martinez (6-2, F-C), Rosalio Martirez (5-8, G), Danilo Mendoza (6-5, C), Eduardo Mendoza (6-0, G), Eduardo Merced (6-0, G), Alejandrito Miego (5-7, G), Jesus Migalbin (6-3, C-F), Abelardo Monzon (6-1, F), Alfonso Mora (6-0, F), Ernesto Morales (5-11, G), Rafael Morales (6-0, G-F), Horacio Moreno (6-0, G-F), Lawrence Mumar (5-11, G).


Francisco Natividad (6-1, G), Samson Van Nery (5-10, F), Jaime Noblezada (6-2, F).


Raymundo Obias (5-11, G-F), Robinson Obrique (5-11, G), Joselito Ocampo (6-1, G), Pablo Ocampo (6-2, F), Benjamin Ocariza (5-9, G), Jose Orozco (5-9, G), Alberto Ortiz (6-0, G), Jaime Otazu (5-9, G).


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2 responses to “PBA Players Directory from J to O (1975-1981)

  1. Jay Ocampo

    August 12, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Do you have a newspaper clipping or pictures with this name Joselito Ocampo (6-1, G), if you do can you please send it to my email address Thanks

    • Mon23

      December 5, 2014 at 1:48 pm

      Sorry for the late reply, i’ll look for some clippings of past PBA players, i’ll send an email as soon as i found one.


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